Tofna Consumer Goods Inc.

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Strong Leader in All Markets

Corporate Profile

Tofna Consumer Goods Corporation is a well established manufacturing and distribution company accommodating a wide range of SKUs including tomato paste and detergents.

Operating 3 factories on a global scale, in Turkey and China, Tofna functions in Turkey, Western and Eastern Europe, CIS, Middle East and several African countries.

Having 8 brands under its trademark, Tofna not only distributes its brands in various countries, it also serves global consumer goods business community with private label production (contract manufacturing / OEM) services. We proudly manufacture for numerous world-known brands with their intended top level specifications in Europe, Japan, USA, Turkey and Russia. Our top notch design team assist our clients in product/brand development utilizing a long history of industry expertise.

Mission & Vision

At Tofna Consumer Goods Corporation, we have the mission of developing high quality consumer products which makes people feel and look good. In order to achieve this mission and to have a better understanding of consumer tastes and demand, we continuously practice market research activities in each market we operate, tailor making every single product for each market`s individual needs.

Success does not come from solely wholesale activities, but from continuous penetration, visibility, branding, promoting, training, assisting, explaining, listening and understanding thus, revealing hidden interests and necesssities of consumers.

In Tofna, we are well aware that "creating brands" is an everlasting challenge that we all are excited about. This is why we are very selective to nominate players who would share our enthusiasm about not "only" producing/selling, but creating products that are geniously demanded by those who make the decision: Consumers.

We hope our brand and product range will add great value and volume to your business on both local and global scale.


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We believe the power of our brands add value to our consumers' everyday lives. In our product development and sourcing activities, we always aim developing products representing consumer needs. Branding is the strategic factor that Tofna puts emphasis on. Brands in Tofna portfolio are not ordinary high quality products, but carefully engineered value bearing propositions created to enrich consumers' daily life.

Our Values

In order to create value for consumers, a product should, not only be of high quality but should also exceed consumers' expectations on a broader perspective.

Performance We apply knowledge, experience, local expertise and innovation to develop and deliver right brands and products to relevant markets. These fundamental skills have been critical to our success in the highly competitive FMCG industry.

Customer Focus Working hand-in-hand with our design and production capabilities is our commitment to know our customers and understand their needs, concerns and aspirations. It's this combination of technical expertise and customer focus that allows us to make it easier for us to understand complex selection mechanisms of consumers, as well as to meet their necessities.

Respect Understanding that FMCG industry requires speed, consistency and flexibility, we trust the capabilities, character, local expertise and judgment of our colleagues and all players within entire supply chain, and empower them to act in parallel to our corporate Code of Conduct and deliver high quality and value for our consumers

Integrity We've been conducting business with the highest ethical standards from the beginning because we know that our consumers must be able to trust us stating "whatever Tofna does, it's of high quality and very good value".

Diversity We operate on a global scale and we understand the critical value of our differences, local tastes, way of doing business, consumption habits and of our individual and collective strengths and skills. We celebrate this diversity and proudly apply these strengths to our business practices and customer service.

Teamwork One can't be successful without a commitment to teamwork throughout every level of the Supply Chain. We work together to meet our goals and, in the process, to help our consumers meet their necessities, interests and demand.

Quality of Life We recognize the importance of a healthy life and well-being. This is the ultimate basis of our entire business; to assist our consumers to live and cherish a healthy and happy life consuming best possible ingredients prepared in safest possible standards and production techniques.


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